On Being An Ambivert

I have always referred to myself as being both “introverted and extroverted” because I can’t fully “identify” with either. Extroverts are described as being fueled by the presence of people and feel more alive when socializing. Introverts, however,  feel drained from too much socializing and need to retreat inward to feel their best. That said nobody is ever fully on either side of the spectrum.


It wasn’t until recently when I was listening to the podcast Alchemy With Ambi and her episode “Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?” that I learned the term “Ambivert”.  Ambivert is defined as “a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.” I was so surprised I had never heard anyone use this term before to describe how so many people feel.


One of the aspects of Ambiverts that I connect to significantly, is that sometimes I can be introverted or extroverted depending on the environment that I am in. When I feel comfortable in the space that I am in, I can be fully extroverted, very outgoing, and feel totally energized by those around me. When I enter an environment that I don't totally vibe with, my introverted side really comes out and I can become quite shy.


Another thing in Ambi’s episode that I really resonated with is that Ambiverts struggle with finding a balance between both sides of their personality. To give in an example, I do something in my life that I describe as “binge socializing.” When I am going through a binge period it can last for a couple days or even a week where my extroverted side is in full swing and I am saying yes to all things social! What tends to happen as a result of a “social binge”, is that I become completely burnt out and I don't want to see or talk to people for days or even weeks. The social exhaustion paired with the need to turn inward makes me feel lonely and directionless. I am working to find balance in the vicious cycle which is one of the challenges of being an ambivert.


Knowing that I am an Ambivert helps so much because I can define these different cycles and focus on how  I feel in different environments. I find it so fascinating to see how this awareness can lead to a further extension and personification of the self. To learn more about ambiversion listen to Ambi’s podcast episode along with this article.

Photos byCasey Fyfe

Sweater: People Of Leisure

Earrings: WKNDLA

Pants: Vintage

Changing With The Seasons & Using Ayurveda As A Guide

During my years living in Los Angeles, I have come to discover how much my soul yearns for the change of seasons. What I love so much about seasons is that they remind us we are growing. During each season, we are granted a new opportunity to utilize the natural rhythms the earth presents us, and use those rhythms to expand and grow.


I have recently started learning about the practices of Ayurveda and I am particularly fascinated with how each season has its own associated Dosha (physiological energy). For instance, fall is associated with “Vata” because Vata energy embodies that of air, change, dry, and moving. If you think about the physicality of fall;  the leaves changing, the air temperature begins to cool and the sun sets sooner, we can see Vata at play. Ayurveda also presents us with the study of “opposition”. This is the principle of balancing our “Doshas”. During the different season, we can prioritize the balancing of our bodies with the changes in the world happening around us.   We can see how our moods and creativity shift with the air.


I am still learning so much about Ayurveda because there is a vast amount of knowledge available.  However, I think it is extremely important, no matter what climate you live in, to experience how your body is responding. Balancing ourselves physically and mentally as the seasons change and harnessing what our bodies truly need to feel our best. After all, we are apart of this earth as much as the trees, the grass, and the sky and we naturally go through our own metamorphosis with the changing earth.


Photos byCasey Fyfe

Jumpsuit: People Of Leisure

Earrings: OKRA

Using esoteric wisdom on hair: Wellness Day with Canyon & The Moon

We don’t often consider what it means energetically to cut our hair. We get trims, new styles and dye it different colors to reflect an external renewal of our internal world. What if we looked at cutting our hair as ridding ourselves of old unwanted energy? Releasing constricting thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving us? If we looked at cutting our hair as a ritual way to shed old parts of ourselves and call into our lives what we are yearning for, we may experience an expansion in our souls that is outside of material gain.

This is exactly what Whitney of Canyon & The Moon is offering to the world. I had the opportunity to experience Whitney’s healing rituals in person at her hair studio in Mountain Washington, Los Angeles.


To get to Whitney’s home salon, you already feel like you are being transported into a different world driving through the winding mountain roads of Los Angeles. Once I arrived, I was greeted by not just Whitney but her beautiful family. Her husband, her 3-year-old son and their naked Sphynx cat. This gentle welcoming was a perfect start to what was about to be an incredibly healing experience.

Once inside, Whitney guided me down the steps to what can only be described as her sanctuary; her healing space. The first thing I noticed was all of the windows and the 360 views of the mountains that surround their home. The next thing I noticed was that everything in the space had an intention, there was nothing that did not belong. It was obvious that Whitney meticulously curated her space to her reflect her healing abilities with accompanied modalities and organic natural remedies for both hair and spirit.


Whitney guided me to a chair near the window, she gave me a crystal to hold and instructed me to meditate on 3 things that I wanted to release and 3 things I wanted to call into my life. She had me write them down on paper and then she went through a Tarot card reading. After we discussed how the cards might correspond with my list, of course, the cards were spot on to offering guidance about the things I wrote down.


We put the list aside and she guided me into another chair. Beneath it on the floor, lay two gorgeous copper basin’s one filled with freshly ground herbs and rose petals. The other filled with warm water— It was time for my foot soak! She sat beneath me and explained the different herbs she had chosen for me and the healing properties of each herb. She also explained that importance of connecting with earth in order to release unwanted energies in our life and that the herbs help to “call in” what we are asking for. Once my feet were soaking with the various herbs she started giving me a head and shoulder massage. At this point, I was starting to feel like a queen and was beginning to wonder if I was in a dream.


Once the foot bath was done and before washing my hair, Whitney had me take my list of what I wanted to release, rip it up and put it into the water. She said that she releases the water, herbs and the torn up list into the earth when we are done. After I was finished I moved to the chair to get my hair washed. This was yet another stage in rejuvenation and ultimate relaxation.


Whitney washed my hair and performed Reiki while she placed various stones on my body, on my hands, and under my feet. She also went through a tea drip ceremony to awaken my 3rd eye Chakra.


After this incredibly nourishing experience, we moved to the last phase—the haircut! I asked for more body in my hair and to balance my layers. I was so incredibly relaxed she could have cut off all of my hair and wouldn't have cared (which she didn't and cut my hair beautifully!)


This was truly one of the most beautiful wellness rituals I have ever received. I left feeling empowered, enlightened, and incredibly relaxed. Whitney’s knowledge of spirituality, healing, and her overall calming energy is that of a holistic wellness guru. I highly recommend going to her to not only to receive a beautiful haircut but also if you are needing guidance and renewal.

canyonandthemoon_1984 (1).jpg

Photos byCasey Fyfe

To Book a session: Canyon & The Moon

Sustainable Wedding: The Dress

When I began my wedding dress search I had 4 things in mind:

1). I didn’t want it to be a dress that anyone else would have and planned to create customized touches to it to ensure no one would have a dress like me :)

2). I wanted it to be something that I could wear again.

3). I wanted it to be made from sustainable materials.

4). I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.


Setting these guidelines was super helpful to begin the search because there are obviously so many options out there. I started looking into unconventional shops like Fillyboo which makes the most gorgeous handmade goddess-like gowns. I also turned to Etsy which is an incredible resource for handmade, small batch and sustainable wedding dresses. I still wasn't finding exactly what I was looking for and referenced my Pinterest board often to see what style my eye was most drawn to. I then started looking at second-hand wedding shops like Once Wed which sells used wedding dresses at a fraction of the price. I wasn’t finding dresses on these sites that really reflected my style and 95% of them were dresses I would never wear again but recycled wedding dresses is a brilliant idea nonetheless.


Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram not even looking for a dress and there it was, MY DRESS! The picture posted was a pink version of this gorgeous, high-necked, and very simple silk dress. I went to the brand’s page called Awaveawake and followed the link to the website to check if the dress came in white. Low and behold, IT DID! Just like when falling in love, when you know, you know! I read about the company and the clothing is made with ethically sourced fabric and dyed with all-natural, plant-based dyes handmade in Topanga Canyon, CA. I had found my dream. I Instagram messaged the shop to see how I could try the dress on. To my surprise, the shop owner offered to send it to me, free of cost, to my house in Colorado so that I could try it on with my mom over Christmas.

2018_07_09_CourtneyWeddingDress-0651-Edit (1).jpg

Long story short, I tried the dress on with my mom on Christmas morning while snow was falling outside and we both cried. DOES IT GET ANY MORE MAGICAL THAN THAT??? We both agreed that it was perfect but needed a little added to it to complete it as a wedding dress. I came up with the idea of having a detachable train made so that I could wear the train for the ceremony but then remove the train for the reception. I also loved the idea of keeping it simple so that I would be able to wear it again.


I got lucky with my seamstress because my best friend and bridesmaid's aunt is a couture costume maker! She sourced the silk and lace from local vendors in downtown Los Angeles and I worked with her for a month to get the train right. She also helped me to put a lining in the dress so that I wouldn’t have to wear a slip that would obstruct the pockets that I loved so much.

2018_07_09_CourtneyWeddingDress-0079-Edit (1).jpg

When I put my completed dress on for this bridal shoot I became a goddess. The dress makes me feel incredible and when I wore it on my wedding day I felt entirely connected to myself. This may not be everyone’s desire to feel that but there is not doubt about the importance of feeling connected to yourself in what you are wearing on this incredibly sacred day.


My advice when dress shopping is to create parameters for yourself. Establish your values, understand that you can think out side of the box and that at the end of the day this dress is for you and your soul to shine through.


Photos byFelicia Lasala

MUA & Hair: Madison Blue

Dress: Awaveawake

Seamstress: Something Special By Grace

Earrings: OKRA

Movement Series: Back Beat Rags

This is my first post in my movement series, I want to explore the depth of movement and how to use movement as a tool in life.

_DSC5428 (1).jpg

When people think of movement, they think of dance or sports but movement is larger than that. Movement is allowing yourself to be okay with change letting the wind blow through your hair and truly feeling the cool air on your skin. Movement is knowing how to persevere and continue to move forward in life. Movement has always felt innate to me, whether it’s my body or my environment. However, that doesn't mean that movement is always easy.

I believe that a big step in embracing movement, is to regularly practice physical movement. For me, I find movement in practicing yoga and being in nature. I search for the subtleties in the way my body is moving and what might be happening with the earth. I look to astrology often to confirm how my body might feel on certain days and honor what movement my soul needs.


Because I need movement to keep my mind from becoming stagnant, I look for clothes that allow me to do that. I am so in love with this sustainable brand Back Beat Rags, not only for their production practices but also for their silhouettes. This jumpsuit has turned into a closet staple for me that I can throw on whenever I am feeling like I just need to move. I love to wear it in in yoga but I can also dress it up daily life. I wore it on one of the hotter days this summer I found that I connected so much to  the innocence of my bare feet in the grass. I let the hot sun warm my skin and felt the way the wind blew through the trees. For me, this kind of connection to the earth is so important and wearing clothing that allows movement is an important step in allowing for a deeper connection to the earth and your soul.


Jumpsuit: Back Beat Rags

EarringsWKND LA

Photos byCasey Fyfe

The Precious Art Of Letting Go

What does it mean to “let go, to release, to go with the flow?” For me, “letting go” means to trust or have total faith that whatever is happening in my life has purpose. I have found that the universe guides us on our paths (not that I fully believe that our life is already planned out for us) but it offers guidance through experience, whether it’s good or bad.


When we allow the universe to work, by trusting the energy presented, that is when the things we seek come into our life. Essentially this “letting go” is releasing control, we always want to be in control, but that just isn’t the way life works. When we are angry that things are not going as we had imagined, or seeing obstacles as debilitating challenges, we are missing the lessons the universe is asking us to face.


The other aspect of releasing, is understanding that the universe can’t guide us into our full potential unless we have faced the darkness that lies within us. We need to  come to an understanding of our “shadow” side—the unseen part of ourselves creeps up to remind us that we aren't perfect. It helps to remind us that we have been through shit and that we are always evolving. This side of us cannot be ignored because unless we have a complete understanding of both the dark and the light within ourselves we can’t fully release control.



  1. Know that whatever is coming into our, life good or bad, there are lessons to help propel us on our path as long as we listen and let whatever needs to come, come.

  2. Realize we do not have control, we do not know what is around the corner, find curiosity in the “not knowing.”

  3. Get to know your shadow side, become friends with your darkness. Get to know every part of yourself so that when the good and bad come along the path, we know how we will react.

Yellow Muumuu-Thrifted Fox

Jewelry- Charme Silkiner

Heeled SandalsNisolo

Photos byFelicia Lasala

VoyageLA Trailblazers Interview

Conversations with the Inspiring Courtney Jay Biebl


Today we’d like to introduce you to Courtney Jay Biebl.

Courtney Jay, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
How do you take a fashion industry that is largely disconnected from nature and spirituality and merge it with something as connected as yoga? This is my story and how I am on a mission to connect these two things through my blog COINCIDE.

My first childhood home was in a tiny log cabin in the middle of the woods in the mountains of Colorado. It was in this cabin that my earliest memories started to form. Even though I was so young, my parents would let me wander around the woods with our Sheltie and Husky dogs guarding my side. I remember vividly that I could hear and feel the trees. It was in this tiny cabin in the woods, that I developed a deep connection with nature and found my ability to feel the energies around me.

As I got older, I started to find artistic expression through both competitive dances of all styles and the clothes that I wore. I loved knowing the trends and being able to put together outfits. Dance taught me the power of movement and nourished my soul very deeply. At age 18, I decided that fashion was my calling and I needed to move to California to pursue my passion.

During that time, I was no longer dancing but found movement in yoga. And what yoga did for me that dance didn’t, is it also taught stillness and breath. When I found yoga, it felt so easy and normal to me. I already had the grounding, connected spiritual understanding and I knew how to move because of dance. If it wasn’t for yoga (and the beautiful nature that California offers) I wouldn’t have been able to thrive at all in the fashion industry. With that said, there has always been a part of me that wasn’t visible working in fashion, my spiritual, nature-loving side was hidden and something felt like it was missing.

A year ago, I was in a place in my life where the Universe was directing me in different directions and I found myself ready to take the plunge and receive my 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate. I left the city and went to the desert for 18 days to immersive myself and the part of a soul that had been kept behind closed doors for so many years. I left with the realization that I needed to find a way to bridge my awakened mindfulness and my love for fashion. Shortly after, I watched the documentary True Cost and found myself immersed in the sustainable, zero-waste and fair-trade movement and realized there was a place for me and my spiritual, nature-loving self in the fashion industry after all.

This is where the idea behind COINCIDE comes in. I was having a hard time going to sleep one night thinking about a yoga class I had to teach the next day and received this amazing download of inspiration telling me that I needed to start spreading the word of mindful fashion within the yoga space. I received the name COINCIDE and the concept of two worlds coming together. This burst of inspiration propelled me to incorporate my meditative/yoga practices like practicing intention while wearing natural fibers and being in nature. Everything that I have always known I am passionate about coming together under one roof. My blog is an online destination for yoga practices, spiritual practices along with being able to shop ethically through COINCIDE. A one-stop-shop for a world that desperately needs more transparency, connection to nature, movement and sustainability.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It’s interesting because, in some ways, the road has been really smooth because I am an extremely determined person. But the biggest challenges I have faced have been letting go of control and thinking I know what the Universe has planned. When I went through a period of questioning how my soul fits into the fashion industry it was really hard because I was questioning everything. It took a lot of me getting knocked down to realize there were lessons to be learned and that in order for me to see the next road ahead, I needed to realize that my reality was not where I was supposed to be.

The advice I would give it to ALWAYS stay true to yourself. Know what you need in your life in order to remain grounded. If you need to turn off your phone and go hike for 2 hours in the woods, make time for that. If the ocean cleanses you, drive to the beach. If you need to just turn off all the lights, take a bath and escape the world do that but without letting go of your dreams. Keep clear by doing what you love. Say yes to opportunities but say no when it does not align with your spirit. Don’t put pressure on yourself to accomplish everything you want to all at once, realize it takes A LOT of time and patience for life to evolve the way we want it to.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into Coincide story. Tell us more about the business.
Through my blog COINCIDE, I offer a different perspective on what fashion means to me, my own experiences with certain practices within my studies of yoga, mindfulness, ethical fashion and overall well-being. my hope is to cultivate a shift in the way we sometimes separate our soul, body, and mind. the idea of allowing ourselves to wear clothing that gives us the freedom to live a life of awareness and overall well-being.

I am super proud of my ability to find clothing that is recycled, second-hand or produced consciously while teaching my studies in yoga. I believe the yoga industry is ready to embrace natural fiber clothing as opposed to spandex and tight fitting pieces. I want people to see that we don’t have to wear a uniform when practicing mindfulness and that energetically if wearing ethically made or recycled pieces we are expanding our consciousness.

For good reason, society often focuses more on the problems rather than the opportunities that exist, because the problems need to be solved. However, we’d probably also benefit from looking for and recognizing the opportunities that women are better positioned to capitalize on. Have you discovered such opportunities?
I love this question because I am an optimist and believe that we are going through a cultural shift in our consciousness as a society. Women hold the ancient wisdom of intuition, power and a maternal bond with nature. I believe that women are pushing through with these powers and no longer allowing them to shadow. When women feel confident and connected we are able to use these powers as guiding tools for the future. I see so many women healers, teachers, and innovators speaking their truth. I see tons of women entrepreneurs developing businesses that will make a huge impact on the future, speaking about sustainability, equality, inclusion and using their nurturing ability to knocking down barriers. Women have the ability to make real change and open conversations that have been pushed to the side. I am personally so excited to see the incredible things that women are creating all over the world.


18 Days In The Desert— Year Anniversary

Only someone who has gone to a yoga intensive can truly understand the unexplainable power and pure vulnerability felt during this unique journey. When you are with a group of total strangers for 18 days in the desert completely disconnected, immense layers are shed.


It has been a year since this life altering experience, even though it feels like yesterday. You cannot predict the emotions that may come up, the growth that you may find yourself having once you are driving away from the dirt road that led you into this oasis. But what you now have is what I call a “Clarity Briefcase.” The metaphor that I came up with is this: when I arrived at Shivakali I had a briefcase filled with empty files labeled: “Spirituality” “Love” “Friendship” and “Knowledge.” When I left Shivakali, all of the folders were full, even overflowing! I walked away with this imaginary briefcase full of depth and understanding that I now walk with, every step of the way.


During this 18 days we were not just going deep and shedding layers, we were studying everyday in-order to receive our 200 hour teacher training certificate. In the weeks that followed the training, I got my first teaching job at incredible studio called The Springs in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. I got to discover that I could in-fact teach and that I loved it. I went through immense realizations within my reality and work. I was desperate to figure out how to blend my newly awakened spiritual knowledge and figure out a way to blend it with my love for the arts & fashion. That is when I started working at the amazing conscious lifestyle magazine The Good Trade. In the midst of all of this, I got engaged!! This year has been such a beautiful journey of finding alignment in this massive city and how I now feel I fit. Coming to terms with the layers that were unraveled and continuing to build the new layers of myself, have all been part of this incredible journey.


I will forever be grateful for how this training propelled me into the next chapter into my destiny. I am excited for the ideas I have for continuing to incorporate my studies into my life and dedicate myself to my practices. Finding out ways I can share with others in order to move forward in what we call Bodhicitta (the end of suffering for all). 


Photos by: Farhad Samari

Cleansing The Auric Field While Wearing Vintage Trousers

Recently I have been experiencing a heightened sense of intuition in my daily life. For instance, I see 11:11 everyday, sometimes twice a day. I’ll think of a friend and that friend will text me seconds later. I’m listening to Spotify in my car, hear a song, look at the artists name and then I drive by a billboard with that artist. It’s all little things, but enough coincidences to make me feel super connected to the world and energies around me. It's only when you are truly  present, that you can really observe these intuitive moments. I don't necessarily believe they mean anything dramatic or life changing, rather that the universe is letting me know that everything is aligned.


Since I’ve been feeling more in touch with my intuition, I have also been craving wearing white or light colors. I thought maybe it was because of spring, or because I am getting married in a couple months. Then I read this article about Yogi Bhajan's philosophy. His belief is that by wearing white we expand our auric energy fields. I’ve talked about aura before but never considered how we can cleanse our energy through the colors that we wear. It makes so much sense that wearing white has the ability to more easily reflect our purest aura, along with offering open and clean healing to those around you. Once I read this, I felt the correlation between my heightened intuition and the need to wear colors that reflect that openness. And, I really love how that feels!

2018_04_30_CourtneyJay&Charme-0880-Edit (1).jpg

Now, what does any of this have to do with vintage trousers? Well not a whole lot except that within this realm of intuition and auric energy, there comes a point where being able to move and feel comfortable is important. I love vintage trousers for a couple reasons. 1. They are typically made out of natural fibers such as wool & cotton. 2. They are typically tailored. 3. They are loose and structured at the same time. Yogi Bhajan also speaks about the importance of wearing natural fibers. Through my concept of COINCIDE— wearing clothes that are fashionable but also give you the freedom to move freely. I love that these looks reflect my style but if I wanted to do yoga in them, I totally could! All the while spreading a clean, intuitive energy field.



Pink & Beige trousers-Vintage/Second-hand

White Linen Blouse- CP Shades

White Boob Tee-Nude Ethics

Jewelry- Charme Silkiner

Pink FlatsEverlane

Heeled SandalsNisolo

Photos by: Felicia Lasala

What Does Planning A Sustainable Wedding Mean?

Planning a sustainable wedding begins with the the mentality of wanting to avoid the consumerism that is the wedding industry. The process requires asking yourself and your loved one important questions with the goal of keeping you both grounded and to remain authentic to your core values. I decided to share some of the questions Cole and I have been asking ourselves during this process. And, since we are more than halfway until the big day, I wanted to share our engagement photos that I am so incredibly excited about to get a glimpse into our aesthetic! 


at the end of this day, do you want to be left with piles of trash or recycled handmade goods that can be used again?


Will you ever get to wear your wedding gown again?


How was your gown made? why is it so expensive?

pbm_courtcole-8729 (1).jpg

Are there ways to find the decor through recycled good stores, online or at flea markets? 


At the end of this day, did you create things that can be used again?


Keeping these questions in-mind, the day is about love instead of a day that creates more waste, honoring our sacred love for the earth.

I plan on sharing our whole process after the wedding and will be excited to give more of the specifics,  but for now, I don't want to give too much away! 

Photos By Memry 

Green Dress: Reformation

Secondhand blanket shawl

Handmade crown from my parents backyard :) 

Its All About The Find

To follow up on my last post talking about fair trade and sustainable shopping , I want to share my story on this mindset and give some tips as well!


The phrase “It's all about the find” has become one of my mottos in life. My mindset with shopping use to be  “I have a place to go, I need new shoes, a dress, and a jacket”. I would head to the closest Forever 21, Zara, or do overnight shipping online. I admittedly became obsessed with buying new and buying often. I truly felt that in order for me to feel my best, I needed to have the latest trend or look as  polished as possible. However, after some time, something in me shifted.  I started noticing the overwhelming amount of wardrobe choices actually caused a creative blockage because I just had a lot of clothes lacking their own story, as opposed to timeless staples. I began purging pieces  and in that process, I discovered online resale websites where I could make money for my finds.

_DSC2674 (1).jpg

Then I started a habit- I would only buy something new if I sold something old. That propelled me into a completely new way of shopping


I began to discover  the incredible finds at local second hand stores and  vintage stores. I became more aware that  instead of buying in the moment I could wait and  buy when I found something truly timeless and special. I became more patient and intentional about taking time to find the right thing.


THEN my world was rocked, I watched the documentary True Cost and realized the devastation that the fashion industry has had on our world. I felt 2 things when the movie ended: 1. Ashamed for being in the fashion industry and supporting fast fashion. 2. While I know that fashion is a part of my soul, I knew I had to take steps so that I was not part of the problem.

Below are some ways you can incorporate this lifestyle easily into your life!

Photo Dec 11, 5 39 28 PM.jpg


  1. Shop second hand- most of these stores only take slightly worn pieces that are either fast fashion or designers (pro tip: do not feel bad if you find a fast fashion piece at a second hand store and want it! It’s way better than it ending up in a landfill or trash island somewhere.)

  2. Shop vintage- vintage means something that is at least 20 years older than the current decade. To find an amazing vintage piece you want to look at the label, its really easy to tell when a label looks aged or out-dated. You also want to look at where it is made. A lot of great vintage is USA made (like denim, which is my favorite vintage staple) and that is always really exciting.

  3. Supporting your friends’ small businesses- I have a lot of friends who are making everything on their own buying local and selling. Either suggest a trade to get the pieces or purchase them! These hand dyed silk tops are from my friend Allison who hand dyes natural fabrics like silk and cotton with flowers and plants HOW MAGICAL IS THAT?!



Black trousers, belt & camel jacket-Vintage

Green PantsReformation 

Brown Hat-Second Hand (no label) 

Boots-Restored second hand Sam Edelman

Hand dyed silk topsAllison Lei

Photos byCasey Fyfe

Do I have To Wear Spandex?

I am a huge advocate for recycled fashion, specifically vintage and consignment. I love the find of a great piece and the story that comes with it. I don't want to project any kind of negativity around the yoga-wear industry, but I have had a hard time connecting with the silhouettes and materials that are often found within yoga apparel. This got me thinking, what can we wear to yoga and in our spiritual practices that maybe feels a little more unique or individualistic? Once you think about it, there are endless possibilities. I am now on a journey to search for garments that I feel great wearing, can do yoga in, and are sustainable, fair-trade, organic or recycled.  


When I found these vintage linen culottes from a local flea market, I was so excited because I knew I would not only be able to wear them to yoga, but also dress them up for other life activities!


The top is also linen and a piece from Reformation. Reformation is one of the amazing clothing companies that is  leading the way in the fair-trade clothing movement. This way of shopping has created a more minimalistic and conscious way of looking at the clothes I wear and has expanded my creativity.


As I experiment with my wardrobe and begin to expand this practice with others, I look forward to what the future holds!


Clothing from: Reformation & Vintage

Photos by: Casey Fyfe

Practicing Santosha

In a society that pushes us to always be learning, striving and busy, what does it look like to simply be content with who we are and what we have?  What would being content with ourselves look like if we could take time each day to simply be? To live present in our surroundings, remove judgment of ourselves and others,  and to recognize all that we have right in front of us. How could contentment  help us to connect deeper with those around us? Would it look more bright? More kind? More joyus? More full of love?


Santosha-  in Sanskrit translates to "complete or content" studied as one of the 4 branches of the Niyamas (observances). Read more about the 8 limbed system here. The concept of contentment is not typically something that is readily talked about or practiced in western society but is crucial in finding balance and peace within ourselves.


To begin bringing more Santosha into our day, start with this simple meditation, saying: “I am content.  I am grateful for what I have and for what I don’t have.  I learn from the dark and the light that life brings me.  I honor the light in myself and others.  I refrain from criticism and faultfinding.  I accept life just the way it is.  I love my life.  I honor and practice loving kindness, and compassion.” When you feel your mind focusing too much on the past and future, escaping from the present, bring yourself back with this meditation.


Through this shift in perception, we can begin to train our minds to see reality a little bit different. In practising this Niyama, I have begun to already feel more joy and peace coming into my life!

Clothing from: www.tobi.com

Photos by Felicia Lasala



The Magic Of Intention

Before I started teaching yoga and would go to class as a student, the teacher would talk about “intention setting” at the beginning of class. Until recently, I didn’t fully understand what that meant.

How the “intention” process works:

  1. Think of a clear path, a concept for where you would like to see yourself.

  2. Listen deeply to your heart and start making moves towards satisfying your hearts intention.

  3. Once you start moving down that path, the universe begins to recognize which direction you are moving and miraculously you start to see the pieces come together.

  4. This is when manifestation begins.


This all sounds easy right? Not so much, but it is real. Most of  the time it requires a huge leap. I understood this process when I took the leap to get certified as a yoga teacher. I had been asking the universe for more ways that I could bring yoga into my life. And bam! just like that, as soon as I took the leap that lead me to get certified (read my post about that here), these things that I had been seeking started to unfold.

I have spent a large portion of my life trying to control each and every facet. Trying to see, exactly where I want to be. I have struggled at times when things haven’t worked out, but I’ve always tried to remember that this is part of the process. As Deepak Chopra says “detach from the known, step into the unknown, and surrender our desires to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.”

This process takes courage and now that I have seen it in action, I want to help others understand it. We can never fully know what will happen, but if we listen close, the path will unwind.

Photos By: Casey Fyfe

Clothing: Between Ten 

Color Your Energy

When someone says, “you have a great Aura” what does that really mean? Scientifically, the human Aura is defined as: “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.” This energy field is also called the Subtle Body. This energy has been studied not only by spiritual practitioners such as energy healers and acupuncturists, but also scientists. There is no doubt, that we as living things, possess an energy that we send out into the world. This energy could be seen through a certain color, or simply by exuding one’s own general state of being onto those around them.

We all have come into contact with a person who seems to “steal” our energy or make us not feel so good. You can look at this as their aura being off balance. Alongside, we come into contact with the opposite - people who bring us joy or a sense of calm. This is another's energy working for the greater good or their aura is in balance. In my understanding of Auras, the colors used to define what we interpret as the Aura energy that we see/feel, are the  colors radiating through our Chakras. Chakras are the energy fields inside of the body, located in 7 different parts of the body. For instance, someone's Aura may radiate a calming open feeling and maybe they seem to have a cooler color tone to their overall appearance, they may be radiating from the heart Chakra that is the color green.

I have always been told that I have a sunny personality, and that my bubbly personality can bring a contagious joyus feeling with the people I am around. In the last few years, I have grown to love different shades of yellow, along with the citrine stone which is yellow in color. Though, I personally cannot see aura energy fields, I know I can feel them. And I believe that my aura is yellow and I my overall energy field comes from a place located in my center which is my Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is often depicted as yellow as well, thus supporting the energy field that I am most connected to. We should always try our best to put out the most positive vibrations into the world and while you're at it, It's fun to think about what your color might look like.


Dress from Reformation

Photos by Felicia Lasala

18 days of turning inward

In life, we must nourish the many parts of ourselves. By honoring the different sides we help ourselves to become as  whole as possible as we move forward in this existence. For years, I have been creating my life in Los Angeles, paving the  path towards my dreams and doing my best to follow that path.. However, one major pursuit still stands; my yearn to nourish my yogi heart and become certified to be a yoga instructor.

A year ago, while doing research for an article for WOMN Magazine, I discovered Shivakali Yoga and their 18 day desert retreat/teacher training. The retreat caught my eye because of its modern, “cool” and yet totally spiritual way of talking about what the retreat has to offer.. I reached out to one of the founders Serge and  we arranged for me to come for 4 days and 4 nights to write an article for the magazine. I went with eyes and ears of a journalist, planning to just observe, not get too emotionally invested into the whole experience. You can read about what I learned and ended up experiencing here. Long story short, I had to come back this year to experience the full 18 days.

 My mantra for my 18 day journey: “change is crucial for growth, we must take risks to experience change.” As we all know, however, risks and change are scary.  There is the fear of life after the change. There is also the fear of trusting yourself during the experience. Part of this process, is knowing how to evolve, honoring all of the  aspects of our being in order to create something that is whole within ourselves.

 I am diving into this incredible experience tomorrow. I will be without social media, no service completely disconnected but entirely connected to myself and the other yogis that will be attending this journey with me.

 Wish me luck and stay tuned, I will be back in 18 days.

 The song that really sums up my feelings is  Changes by Longhorne Slim & The Law from their album The Spirit Moves.

Photos by Memry

Baring Skin In The Urban Landscape

As we know, Los Angeles and New York get hot in the summer. And while I love warmth and sunshine, I have to confess,  I don’t love the clothes that come with heat. For the most part, I dress relatively conservative and find it can be uncomfortable to bare one’s skin when  walking in congested city scapes with tons of people staring at you as you walk down the street. In warm months, I’m always torn between  wearing comfortable jeans and a white tee, or letting myself show some skin!

This amazing dress by Keepsake, is just the right amount of sexy for me. It is more boho and doesn't reveal too much. However, it does let me show off my favorite parts of me and is still fun. It flatters my shape but also isn’t tight, so I’m not uncomfortable in the heat.

For me,  it is just about balance and also about finding pieces that really fit you well in terms of what fits your personality, if you feel good when you wear it!


Dress from Keepsake

Photos by Felicia Lasala