Hi! My name is Courtney Jay!

I am a yoga instructor, health enthusiast, creative and lover of fashion. My blog Coincide, is my place to merge all of these things together. For so much of my life, these passions felt like separate pursuits. I am now on a journey to merge my love for fashion, my lifestyle in yoga/spirituality and my yearn to live a more conscious lifestyle into one.

Here, I will offer a different perspective on what fashion means to me, my own experiences with certain practices within my studies of yoga, mindfulness, ethical fashion and overall well-being. My hope is to cultivate a shift in the way we sometimes separate our soul, body and mind. The idea of allowing ourselves to wear clothing that gives us the freedom to live a life of awareness.

I believe that what we wear should be like what we eat, Intentional and with an end goal of feeling more full.

I truly hope you enjoy!