The Vintage Neck Scarf: A LOVE AFFAIR

The 90’s baby that I am, I will always jive with 90’s trends and being my mother’s daughter I will always love scrunchies, comfortable jeans and big sweaters. However, there’s another era that catches my colorful soul in a different way. The 70’s bring me back to denim jumpsuits, burnt secondary colors like orange and yellow and my absolute favorite thing, the neck scarf. This classic, feminine staple has been worn for years to give any look a little glam. Whether you wear one with a white tee and a tailored pair of vintage Levis, or a  maxi dress, it’s the simple accessory that changes any outfit. When I found this dusty pink denim jumpsuit, I said out-loud “this is my soul jumpsuit!” Once I added a neck scarf, I had all my favorite classics together as one and I feel fucking awesome wearing it!


Photos By Felicia Lasala