Baring Skin In The Urban Landscape

As we know, Los Angeles and New York get hot in the summer. And while I love warmth and sunshine, I have to confess,  I don’t love the clothes that come with heat. For the most part, I dress relatively conservative and find it can be uncomfortable to bare one’s skin when  walking in congested city scapes with tons of people staring at you as you walk down the street. In warm months, I’m always torn between  wearing comfortable jeans and a white tee, or letting myself show some skin!

This amazing dress by Keepsake, is just the right amount of sexy for me. It is more boho and doesn't reveal too much. However, it does let me show off my favorite parts of me and is still fun. It flatters my shape but also isn’t tight, so I’m not uncomfortable in the heat.

For me,  it is just about balance and also about finding pieces that really fit you well in terms of what fits your personality, if you feel good when you wear it!


Dress from Keepsake

Photos by Felicia Lasala