Movement Series: Back Beat Rags

This is my first post in my movement series, I want to explore the depth of movement and how to use movement as a tool in life.

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When people think of movement, they think of dance or sports but movement is larger than that. Movement is allowing yourself to be okay with change letting the wind blow through your hair and truly feeling the cool air on your skin. Movement is knowing how to persevere and continue to move forward in life. Movement has always felt innate to me, whether it’s my body or my environment. However, that doesn't mean that movement is always easy.

I believe that a big step in embracing movement, is to regularly practice physical movement. For me, I find movement in practicing yoga and being in nature. I search for the subtleties in the way my body is moving and what might be happening with the earth. I look to astrology often to confirm how my body might feel on certain days and honor what movement my soul needs.


Because I need movement to keep my mind from becoming stagnant, I look for clothes that allow me to do that. I am so in love with this sustainable brand Back Beat Rags, not only for their production practices but also for their silhouettes. This jumpsuit has turned into a closet staple for me that I can throw on whenever I am feeling like I just need to move. I love to wear it in in yoga but I can also dress it up daily life. I wore it on one of the hotter days this summer I found that I connected so much to  the innocence of my bare feet in the grass. I let the hot sun warm my skin and felt the way the wind blew through the trees. For me, this kind of connection to the earth is so important and wearing clothing that allows movement is an important step in allowing for a deeper connection to the earth and your soul.


Jumpsuit: Back Beat Rags

EarringsWKND LA

Photos byCasey Fyfe