Honoring Changes Within—Its 2019!

Whether vast or minute, there is always going to be changes happening in our lives. For me, this year has held some incredible life changes that are now defining the next phase of my life. I got engaged, I finished my first year working at my dream job as an Associate Editor at The Good Trade and then I finished the year off by getting married to the love of my life. After all of the changes, I am left reflecting and in awe of the power that change has on transforming who we are. I am taking time to recognize that this was a year that brought lots of good into my life and I am deeply grateful.


I believe that it is important to understand how we evolve as individuals as we morph with the changes in our lives.  As we grow it’s so important to understand the virtue in our own changes and explore how those changes aid in our search for a life of joy.  I’ve explored my thoughts on the importance of change in my first post in my Movement Series and in my post “Changing With The Seasons Using Ayurveda As A Guide”.


With every passing season, there are subtle changes in our hearts and our minds. There are also changes within those who around us and the environments that we live in. Without change, we become stagnant and stunted in our own unique evolution. As we move into yet another new year and begin to evaluate where we have been and where we are going, I am deeply harnessing what it means to honor all of the changes both big and small that have impacted my growth and how it has affected who I am today. Celebrate todays shift into a new year by honoring how you got to where you are today and feel the power of transformation from within.


Photos byCasey Fyfe

Tank: Stone Cold Fox

Dress: Second-hand & handmade

Shoes: Vintage