Cleansing The Auric Field While Wearing Vintage Trousers

Recently I have been experiencing a heightened sense of intuition in my daily life. For instance, I see 11:11 everyday, sometimes twice a day. I’ll think of a friend and that friend will text me seconds later. I’m listening to Spotify in my car, hear a song, look at the artists name and then I drive by a billboard with that artist. It’s all little things, but enough coincidences to make me feel super connected to the world and energies around me. It's only when you are truly  present, that you can really observe these intuitive moments. I don't necessarily believe they mean anything dramatic or life changing, rather that the universe is letting me know that everything is aligned.


Since I’ve been feeling more in touch with my intuition, I have also been craving wearing white or light colors. I thought maybe it was because of spring, or because I am getting married in a couple months. Then I read this article about Yogi Bhajan's philosophy. His belief is that by wearing white we expand our auric energy fields. I’ve talked about aura before but never considered how we can cleanse our energy through the colors that we wear. It makes so much sense that wearing white has the ability to more easily reflect our purest aura, along with offering open and clean healing to those around you. Once I read this, I felt the correlation between my heightened intuition and the need to wear colors that reflect that openness. And, I really love how that feels!

2018_04_30_CourtneyJay&Charme-0880-Edit (1).jpg

Now, what does any of this have to do with vintage trousers? Well not a whole lot except that within this realm of intuition and auric energy, there comes a point where being able to move and feel comfortable is important. I love vintage trousers for a couple reasons. 1. They are typically made out of natural fibers such as wool & cotton. 2. They are typically tailored. 3. They are loose and structured at the same time. Yogi Bhajan also speaks about the importance of wearing natural fibers. Through my concept of COINCIDE— wearing clothes that are fashionable but also give you the freedom to move freely. I love that these looks reflect my style but if I wanted to do yoga in them, I totally could! All the while spreading a clean, intuitive energy field.



Pink & Beige trousers-Vintage/Second-hand

White Linen Blouse- CP Shades

White Boob Tee-Nude Ethics

Jewelry- Charme Silkiner

Pink FlatsEverlane

Heeled SandalsNisolo

Photos by: Felicia Lasala