The Precious Art Of Letting Go

What does it mean to “let go, to release, to go with the flow?” For me, “letting go” means to trust or have total faith that whatever is happening in my life has purpose. I have found that the universe guides us on our paths (not that I fully believe that our life is already planned out for us) but it offers guidance through experience, whether it’s good or bad.


When we allow the universe to work, by trusting the energy presented, that is when the things we seek come into our life. Essentially this “letting go” is releasing control, we always want to be in control, but that just isn’t the way life works. When we are angry that things are not going as we had imagined, or seeing obstacles as debilitating challenges, we are missing the lessons the universe is asking us to face.


The other aspect of releasing, is understanding that the universe can’t guide us into our full potential unless we have faced the darkness that lies within us. We need to  come to an understanding of our “shadow” side—the unseen part of ourselves creeps up to remind us that we aren't perfect. It helps to remind us that we have been through shit and that we are always evolving. This side of us cannot be ignored because unless we have a complete understanding of both the dark and the light within ourselves we can’t fully release control.



  1. Know that whatever is coming into our, life good or bad, there are lessons to help propel us on our path as long as we listen and let whatever needs to come, come.

  2. Realize we do not have control, we do not know what is around the corner, find curiosity in the “not knowing.”

  3. Get to know your shadow side, become friends with your darkness. Get to know every part of yourself so that when the good and bad come along the path, we know how we will react.

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Photos byFelicia Lasala