Using esoteric wisdom on hair: Wellness Day with Canyon & The Moon

We don’t often consider what it means energetically to cut our hair. We get trims, new styles and dye it different colors to reflect an external renewal of our internal world. What if we looked at cutting our hair as ridding ourselves of old unwanted energy? Releasing constricting thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving us? If we looked at cutting our hair as a ritual way to shed old parts of ourselves and call into our lives what we are yearning for, we may experience an expansion in our souls that is outside of material gain.

This is exactly what Whitney of Canyon & The Moon is offering to the world. I had the opportunity to experience Whitney’s healing rituals in person at her hair studio in Mountain Washington, Los Angeles.


To get to Whitney’s home salon, you already feel like you are being transported into a different world driving through the winding mountain roads of Los Angeles. Once I arrived, I was greeted by not just Whitney but her beautiful family. Her husband, her 3-year-old son and their naked Sphynx cat. This gentle welcoming was a perfect start to what was about to be an incredibly healing experience.

Once inside, Whitney guided me down the steps to what can only be described as her sanctuary; her healing space. The first thing I noticed was all of the windows and the 360 views of the mountains that surround their home. The next thing I noticed was that everything in the space had an intention, there was nothing that did not belong. It was obvious that Whitney meticulously curated her space to her reflect her healing abilities with accompanied modalities and organic natural remedies for both hair and spirit.


Whitney guided me to a chair near the window, she gave me a crystal to hold and instructed me to meditate on 3 things that I wanted to release and 3 things I wanted to call into my life. She had me write them down on paper and then she went through a Tarot card reading. After we discussed how the cards might correspond with my list, of course, the cards were spot on to offering guidance about the things I wrote down.


We put the list aside and she guided me into another chair. Beneath it on the floor, lay two gorgeous copper basin’s one filled with freshly ground herbs and rose petals. The other filled with warm water— It was time for my foot soak! She sat beneath me and explained the different herbs she had chosen for me and the healing properties of each herb. She also explained that importance of connecting with earth in order to release unwanted energies in our life and that the herbs help to “call in” what we are asking for. Once my feet were soaking with the various herbs she started giving me a head and shoulder massage. At this point, I was starting to feel like a queen and was beginning to wonder if I was in a dream.


Once the foot bath was done and before washing my hair, Whitney had me take my list of what I wanted to release, rip it up and put it into the water. She said that she releases the water, herbs and the torn up list into the earth when we are done. After I was finished I moved to the chair to get my hair washed. This was yet another stage in rejuvenation and ultimate relaxation.


Whitney washed my hair and performed Reiki while she placed various stones on my body, on my hands, and under my feet. She also went through a tea drip ceremony to awaken my 3rd eye Chakra.


After this incredibly nourishing experience, we moved to the last phase—the haircut! I asked for more body in my hair and to balance my layers. I was so incredibly relaxed she could have cut off all of my hair and wouldn't have cared (which she didn't and cut my hair beautifully!)


This was truly one of the most beautiful wellness rituals I have ever received. I left feeling empowered, enlightened, and incredibly relaxed. Whitney’s knowledge of spirituality, healing, and her overall calming energy is that of a holistic wellness guru. I highly recommend going to her to not only to receive a beautiful haircut but also if you are needing guidance and renewal.

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Photos byCasey Fyfe

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