What Is Strength And How To Find Our Own

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how strength is defined, and how that definition looks  different for each individual person. The depiction of strength that society conjures up, is one that idolizes and perpetuates comparison.  But the root of strength truly comes from deep within our soul’s life experiences.


I have found that I compare  myself to other’s strength often in my life. Telling myself that “I am not as strong as them” or “wow, they are so strong to have been able to make it through and that I could never.” I did this recently and pulled myself back for a moment, I allowed myself to sit  with those feeling of comparison. This was something so personal, and someone else persevered through it. As I sat, I felt this deep need to not only feel empathetic for them, but appreciate my own unique strength. How often do we quiet our mind’s comparisons and recognize the battlefields we have walked through?


Strength is merely our ability to be our own best friend in times that feel the most uncomfortable, the times that we do not feel like ourselves or that we feel alone. In moments that I feel “weak,” I am working on visualizing the times that I have felt strong to remind myself I do have the tools and the experience to feel “strong.” As we grow we are dealt new cards that challenge us each differently through the various stages of our lives. We walk with ourselves, as our own best friends, we can gently remind our soul of those past cards and move through life’s challenges with confidence that we can make it through.


Photos byCasey Fyfe

Tops: Second-hand

Shoes: Vintage

Pants: Reformation