My Love For Vintage Began With My Grandmother's Antique Shop

My grandmother’s shop is called The Cobweb nestled on the main street of the tiny town of Ely, Minnesota. The shop was built into a beautiful Victorian home from the 1900s, curated with antique collectables like home goods, jewelry, furniture, and of course fashion. The most vivid memories I have from being in her shop was when I was about 8 years old and my family spent a summer in Minnesota.


During the weeks that we were there, I got to work with my grandmother in her shop, she would give me a dollar to get myself a coca-cola and a snack in the afternoon and the rest of the day was spent helping her organize. When there was downtime, I found myself in the upstairs portion of the shop that had three rooms. The first room was filled with old newspapers and magazines, the second room was filled with vintage toys and dolls (this room was truly something out of a horror film and I avoided it always haha) but the main room, was where she displayed all of the vintage fashion.


I would spend hours playing dress up and standing in front of the mirror,  fascinated with this clothing that looked nothing like what you could buy in any regular store. At the time, I did not understand how precious and historically rich these pieces were but what I did know was that this clothing was incredibly special. I will never forget how my grandmother would look at me with a grin when she would catch me playing dress up because she understood my love for these rare pieces of fashion and jewelry. She understood because she collected it all herself and carried a pride with her that made you feel like the things you were touching were rare stones.


It was at this shop that I found my first pair of heels, they are from the 1950s. I’ve had to refurbish them in-order to still be able to wear them. They are black satin kitten heels with a big silver bow on the front and are truly my most treasured pair of shoes. My grandmother is no longer with us but as I get older, I feel so grateful for my experience with her in her precious vintage shop that taught me the true enchantment of vintage. I believe that it is because of her that I have a passion for collecting vintage and second-hand pieces because it is apart of my blood to love the find and the delicate story behind these treasures from the past.

Photos byFelicia Lasala

Sweater: 1950s Vintage

Floral Dress: 1990s Vintage

Belt: 1920s Vintage