Spring Equinox & 4 Zero Waste Home Habits

Not only are we about to move into the Spring Equinox, we are also about to move into a full Moon and Aries season. This is an incredible time to find connectedness with mother nature, to nourish our homes and to allow for the extended sunlight to encourage our desires in this coming season.


Because of this shift in season, we are called to clean and freshen the homes we live in. We start to see flowers for sale and the dust that settled during the winter months brought to light in the sun shining in through the window. We may also consider the ways we can contribute to preserving our earth as we see the growth of new life and beauty all around us.

My husband and I have been slowly implementing zero-waste & sustainable habits into our home and the way we live. I thought that it was the perfect time to share 4 habits that are helping us to live more consciously:


We stopped buying paper towels

Instead, we started using these amazing clothes called Norwex. These clothes are not only made from recycled plastic bottles but they are also made with an antibacterial agent that actually cleans and disinfects surfaces. We also started using cloth napkins when we are eating. The ones have are a family heirloom from my husband’s grandmother which is beautiful. We just toss all of these clothes in the wash when they get too dirty and we are good to go.

Bamboo toilet Paper & installed a bidet

Yup! Went there.

We realized that the toilet paper we were buying was completely wrapped in plastic. We also didn't really know what the paper was actually made of and, we should, considering this paper is grazing your most sensitive parts! So we sought after an alternative and found this amazing cheeky (pun intended) brand called “Who Gives A Crap.” The toilet paper is made from bamboo and recycled toilet paper and they wrap each role in recycled paper.

Our favorite addition to our sustainable bathroom is, of course, our bidet. This accessory was actually my husband's idea. I did a little research and found that the founder who revolutionized the period industry behind the brand THINX. Also founded a bidet brand called TUSHY. Tushy’s goal is to educate people on using less toilet paper by using a bidet along with working with an organization to help provide clean community toilets in India.

No more plastic wrap for bulk veggies

Since I do not eat meat, I buy a lot of fresh veggies and when you buy from the bulk section of the produce aisle you have to rip off one of those plastic bags to put your veggies in. I started to notice how much plastic was being thrown away when I would go to the store. This inspired us to invest in these reusable mesh bags for our produce. I really like them however in the future I would maybe look for a more transparent material so that I can see the veggies inside.

Stopped using disposable floss

The thing about floss is that it is made of nylon which is a polymer that is toxic for the environment when left in a landfill. We brush our teeth, take some nylon floss out of a plastic container and throw it all away when we are done. Over-time it is hard to even imagine how much waste build-up this creates in our landfills while everyone flosses their teeth. So we pulled the trigger and purchased this adorable refillable glass floss container from the brand called “Dental Lace.” The floss is made from Mulberry Silk which is not vegan because is made from silkworms, making it a biodegradable substitute to its nylon counterpart. Every-time we run out of floss we just simply order a refill! No plastic-waste involved.

Now, I know these are all very tiny small steps towards a much greater issue, and there is SO much that we still need to implement into our lifestyle to become more sustainable and zero-waste.  However, we have found that these small steps have made a lasting impact on our home and lifestyle, and truly make our home feel like a greener and cleaner space.

Take time this week to open the windows, light some sage, clear your space and take a long walk in your favorite part of nature and also think about ways you might want to be more thoughtful in how we can contribute to a healthier earth.


Photos by: Felicia Lasala

Blouse: Sugar Candy Mountain

Jeans: Vintage 501s

Necklace: Charme Silkiner

Shoes: Vintage