Astrology Chat And Loving My Scorpio Moon

I haven’t talked a ton about my love for astrology on here except for my post about my sun sign in Pisces. Astrology has been an incredible outlet for me to understand myself, and those around me on a deeper level. When I first calculated my birth chart, I felt like I was learning the makeup of my personality through the lens of the cosmos and a lot felt explained about how I show up in the world. This deeper understanding brought a sense of comfort and confirmation into my life that allowed for curiosity and further exploration of the soul.


If astrology is a mystery or feels new to you, I recommend starting by learning your Ascendant (or rising sign) along with your Moon, Venus, and Mars as a good starting point. I typically use the free birth chart calculator Cafe Astrology. I am definitely not an expert at all, but I like to describe each of these specific signs simply:

Rising sign: the lens that you see the world and first impression of the way the world sees you.

Moon sign: your shadow or alter-ego—the parts of your personality that are more behind the curtain but deeply assists in the way you interpret the world around you.

Venus: your feminine energy, that often shows up in the way you carry yourself in friendship and romantic relationships.

Mars: your masculine energy and the way you go about getting the things you want in the world.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been incredibly sensitive, curious, deeply connected and easily able to access my depths (i.e. sadness, insecurities, observations). When I learned that the majority of my chart is water signs; my Sun in Pisces, my rising in Scorpio AND my Moon in Scorpio (this is really intense people) my sensitive disposition made so much sense. Thankfully my Venus is in Aries (fire) and my Mars is in Gemini (air), help dramatically to lighten my sometimes tender moods.


The shadow side of my Scorpio moon, often brings feelings of judgment, anger, insecurity, obsessive thoughts and all around feeling overly critical. These thoughts start in my sub conscious and occasionally seep into my consciousness. The sign of Scorpio can often lead with these negative aspects, and though they sound intense (which they are) these feelings also help me to see the areas in my life that I need to grow in or listen to my intuition about. Scorpio also helps with a sharp intuition and a keen sense of whats going on around me.

In Totem Astrology the sign of Scorpio goes through different phases of transformation—one being the phoenix that represents death and re-birth. I find that my Scorpio Moon helps guide me in shedding aspects of myself that no longer serve me, in order to become reborn. When parts of ourselves must die to grow there is often a period of struggle and confusion. However,  once the dust settles more times than not, we have learned from the struggle and are able to move forward with growth.


I encourage you to look into your chart and see what your Moon is in, read about this sign and see if some of the feelings observed in your subconscious correspond to your moon sign and while you're at it, fall in love with your shadow.

Photos by: Felicia Lasala

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