Organic Basics: Why Conscious Underwear Matters

There is a lot I have done to transition my wardrobe into a more sustainable one. However, there are still areas that I am working to improve; buying more natural fabrics, washing my synthetic based pieces in a Guppyfriend, and investing in organic cotton underwear. For some reason, the transition to organic underwear has taken me a little longer to incorporate, which seems silly considering underwear is the only fabric directly touching my most sensitive body parts. Truthfully, it’s only been in the last year that I have switched to using plastic-free and organic tampons and ever since I made that switch, I have definitely been thinking more about what my underwear is made of,  how it may affect me and the earth in the long run.


Of course, when you think about wearing underwear made from eco-friendly materials, free from chemicals and synthetic dyes, it makes total sense. However, our underwear is just like our mass-produced clothes— made cheaply with synthetic fabrics and made easy to buy. Unfortunately, organic and eco-friendly underwear is not the standard, however, with the help of companies like Organic Basics, we can start to reconsider the industry standard and seek to invest in underwear that is ethical, sustainable, and made-to-last.

Our underwear is just like our mass-produced clothes— made cheaply with synthetic fabrics and made easy to buy.

First of all, their pieces are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and GRS certified recycled nylon. To get GOTS certification, the product must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic materials. This means that their organic textiles are the real deal and they have dedicated a ton of time and energy to go through the long certification process to ensure that they are producing the highest sustainable standards. To learn more about the certification process read this comprehensive break down on Field Notes.


We know that cotton, in general, is the healthiest choice for our sensitive lady or man parts.  While cotton is a natural fiber that allows for more breathability, cotton is also considered the world’s dirtiest crop and one of the most polluting. Personally, I am not ready to go down that rabbit hole, but you can read more about that here. To consider that the fabric that comes closest to our most precious parts and may be covered in pesticides along with being potentially harmful to our health, it suddenly becomes easier to consider an alternative. If we spend  a little more on organic underwear, all of a sudden it does not seem so out of reach.


Now, let's talk about made-to-last. You know how after only a few years the elastic on your thongs and panties start to stretch out and eventually you just have to throw them away because they have become so floppy and un-wearable? Well, guess where that underwear ends up? A landfill. Because our underwear is made from synthetic materials, it doesn’t break down but instead, it slowly pollutes the earth. Organic Basics’ thongs and panties are truly the most durable underwear I have ever worn. Their ultra soft and thick material feels like I can wear them for the rest of my life, and as a bonus, they are also seamless.


With all of this to consider, I am not saying we should go and throw away all of our synthetic or cotton underwear. What I am saying is, let’s consider the next time we need to buy some new under-roos,  there are other options than what we think and Organic Basics is an amazing place to start, especially buying one of their packs that come with multiple pairs and use the code COINCIDEOB for 10% off to get started.

Organic Basics: COINCIDEOB for 10%

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