Yin-Yang Energies & The Fluidity In Sisterhood

In Chinese Philosophy and in yoga philosophies, the Yin and Yang energies are a foundational way a vinyasa is led. For instance, a yoga class rooted in Yin energy (the dark side in the symbol) is the feminine energy. This type of class is very calm, meditative, accompanied by long-held, detoxifying poses to help cleanse the organs while also finding grounded stillness. I love to think of the Yin energy also being associated with the moon energy. In yogic philosophy, the moon is considered feminine or the goddess Shakti. Yang, is considered the masculine energy. In a Yang led vinyasa class the movement is going to be a flow style, with breath connecting asana’s and peak poses. I love to think of the Yang energy as the sun which is considered the masculine energy in yoga philosophy or the god Shiva.


Fluidity in our lives stems deeply from these philosophies of dark and light, shadow and bright, night and day. This fascinating idea that as humans we are forever moving through our existence with two opposing, yet connected forces as our guide, breathing into each one as we need.


I have been guided often in my life with the Yang energy, the energetic, bright lifeforce that gets me to places and helps me fulfill my dreams. My Yin energy, on the other hand; my feminine, my shadow, my emotional grounding, allows for connectedness to my soul and intuition. “In Chinese mythology, Yin and Yang were born from chaos when the universe was first created and they are believed to exist in harmony at the center of the Earth.” Or the center of ourselves, at the core of the relationship we have with all of the many layers of our soul.


For women, tapping into our Yin energy, especially together, creates fluidity and a sense of entanglement of intuitive belonging. Helping one another be guided into our purest Yin energy, allowing the moon to guide us, our intuition to move us and the earth to speak to us. Gently holding our sister’s through every phase of both Yin and Yang, like a dance of grace.


As I get older I feel even more connected to my Yin energy, especially in my heart of sisterhood with the woman around me. Noticing with every year how much my soul is shaped by the women in my life and how much our Yin energy breathes life into one another. I honor my sisters and our moon guided energy so deeply, so surely and grateful for our fluid forces of light and dark.