Summer Solstice & Celebrating Balance


For centuries, people have celebrated the spiritual significance of the Summer Solstice—the highest point the sun is above the equator. For it is a time that honors opening, both internally and externally. There are physical shifts and feelings that happen as we start to see the sun staying out longer; the air changes and there is a sense of lightness all around us. For instance I love when I am walking down the sidewalk in Los Angeles, and the sweet scent of the blooming jasmine bushes tickles my nose, offering me a subtle nudge that summer is unfolding.

I love when I am walking down the sidewalk in Los Angeles, and the sweet scent of the blooming jasmine bushes tickles my nose, offering me a subtle nudge that summer is unfolding.

Another shift in energy I begin to notice is my calendar starts to fill up. The Yang energy of the sun is energizing potentials for plans, travel and a buzz of doing all of the things. Though this energy can be wonderful, it can also feel busied. My introverted side needs to slow down, be still and I notice I have to regain my balance as the summer season begins.


The month of May was particularly jam-packed for me and it got me thinking about how I am moving through this shift in season; I have been recognizing that I have a tendency to go into auto-pilot and saying yes to all of the festivities—forgetting to check-in with myself and what I need. I am also noticing life changes starting to unfold just-in-time for the long summer ahead, but how am I honoring the now? Another more vulnerable thing is recognizing that any buried darkness/bad habits I am always working through are still there and just because the sun is higher above me, the darkness remains.


I am being gentle with myself and doing these 3 things to keep myself balanced:

Acknowledging big changes as spiritual growth:

My husband and I are moving. We did not plan to spend our summer moving into a new house and it has felt unsettling and highly distracting. I have been working to tell myself that I do not have the reigns and that the universe is guiding us into this change. Change is good and sometimes it happens when we need it most, we know we are ready to be pushed into a new adventure. With this shift in consciousness, I am able to act less hurried and shift with more intention into this change in circumstances, feeling a little less burdened and more curious.

Facing my darkness

Because the summer is infused with so much light and energy it is easy to get stuck in auto-pilot and forget that there is still darkness that will come up. For me, I can be hard on myself when the same old patterns rear their ugly head. I am in the process of acknowledging that these patterns may always be there, showing up when I least expect. During the joyous energy of summer, I am going to aim to not forget my darkness and continue to face her whenever she reminds me I am human. Even if it's at the park on a warm sunny day or when I am enjoying a warm walk through my neighborhood.

Planning nature getaways

I need to be with and in nature to keep my mind clear, to be able to recharge. Living in the city this is especially important for me to make a priority. Again, as my calendar is filling up within the confines of the city, I am needing to find balance in saying no to running around the city and make clear time for hiking, camping and escaping the city. I forever feel so grateful to live in California because escaping to a beautiful place is very easy here and always re-charging. I am making getting away and being in nature more of a priority this summer.

As we celebrate the sun and the warmth of summer let us continue to turn-in, to acknowledge what our soul needs and find ways to remain balanced. Feeling the charge of the sun and the gentle reminder to slow down.

Photos by: Felicia Lasala

White wide-leg pants: Whimsey + Row

Ballet top: Ozma

Shoes: Everlane