Seeing 11:11: My Wink From The Universe

What is a wink from the universe you might ask? Well, for me it is subtle serendipitous moments; listening to a song on the radio and then I see the artist’s billboard in-front of me. Thinking of a friend and getting a text from them right after they come into my mind, and My favorite is seeing 11:11. You hear about 11:11 often, not just in the spiritual community, humans enjoy balance, especially as it pertains to numbers— so it is not surprising that when we see this sequence across our digital clocks we often double-take. 


Because I am a believer in “source” and higher powers/energies, when I see 11:11 or 1:11 I like to think of it as a “wink” from the universe. Every time I see these sequences I feel a presence and I like to do a little prayer. Sometimes I will just say silently to myself “thank you universe for all that you bring into my life.” Other times, I will try and get very still, look around at my surroundings and for the next couple of hours, feel a sense that something could happen. I have experienced seeing 11:11 or 1:11 twice a day for a week straight and by the end of the week something has happened even if it is small changes. When I see these numbers often, I prepare myself and allow a deeper sense of connection to my surroundings. Allowing natural synchronicity to occur. 

For anyone that studies numerology, 1 is considered the “primal force” our guiding nature and a leader of our will. Similarly, for those that study angel numbers, number 1 is also described as having characteristics of independence, new beginnings, and leadership. Sacred geometry is another concept to consider. The idea that the shapes and numbers in our surroundings make patterns and act as the visual languages of the universe. Consider a flower—if you look close enough there are stunning patterns in the petals and if you look at each flower of the same species, the patterns are the same. In sacred geometry, 1 is considered the “circle” the “building block” of everything. The color white is also associated with 1 or the circle as it is a combination of all the numbers (also the color of the divine).


Each of these ideologies offers an alternative to looking at the world around us. No matter how you interpret a simple number (maybe that is all it is to you) this idea that if we look close enough we can allow these patterns to guide us and offer a shift in how we perceive our surroundings and personal growth. The idea that truly everything in our conscious mind is seeing and feeling our surroundings in a way that will help guide us through this existence. 

Photos By: Felicia Lasala

Flower Crown: created by me with the help of Felicia :)

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