Celebrating Being A Pisces

I love crystals, meditation, yoga, eating healthy and I LOVE astrology. The thing about my love for Astrology however, is that I am not so much into reading my daily horoscopes or relying on what it says my future will be. I love it for exploring personalties, thats what astrology essentially is, the exploration of different personality types and using the mysterious sky as our guide. I think its magical and amazing and I really connect with it.

Now, lets talk about my sign the Pisces. I am not going to get into everything that makes up my water sign but I want to talk about the symbol of the Pisces. The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming is opposite directions creating a yin-yang. The fish on-top, is swimming above the earth; exploring people, places, things, ideas and projects. While the fish on the bottom, is swimming below the earth; discovering the mysteries of the world, feeling the earth, learning the magic that makes up the world around us. The fish come together in union to bring together the knowledge. When I learned this about my sign I was so astounded because it couldn't describe me more. I have always had these two sides to myself- one that is above the earth and one that it is inside the earth.

This photo-shoot was in collaboration with my creative partner in crime and favorite photographer Felicia Lasala who is also a Pisces. We wanted to create a two-part editorial depicting both sides of the sign (stay tuned for part 2).

The beautiful Crystal jewerly is from another Pisces sister Ocean Urth.


Clothing mixed designer 

Photos by Felicia Lasala