Changing With The Seasons & Using Ayurveda As A Guide

During my years living in Los Angeles, I have come to discover how much my soul yearns for the change of seasons. What I love so much about seasons is that they remind us we are growing. During each season, we are granted a new opportunity to utilize the natural rhythms the earth presents us, and use those rhythms to expand and grow.


I have recently started learning about the practices of Ayurveda and I am particularly fascinated with how each season has its own associated Dosha (physiological energy). For instance, fall is associated with “Vata” because Vata energy embodies that of air, change, dry, and moving. If you think about the physicality of fall;  the leaves changing, the air temperature begins to cool and the sun sets sooner, we can see Vata at play. Ayurveda also presents us with the study of “opposition”. This is the principle of balancing our “Doshas”. During the different season, we can prioritize the balancing of our bodies with the changes in the world happening around us.   We can see how our moods and creativity shift with the air.


I am still learning so much about Ayurveda because there is a vast amount of knowledge available.  However, I think it is extremely important, no matter what climate you live in, to experience how your body is responding. Balancing ourselves physically and mentally as the seasons change and harnessing what our bodies truly need to feel our best. After all, we are apart of this earth as much as the trees, the grass, and the sky and we naturally go through our own metamorphosis with the changing earth.


Photos byCasey Fyfe

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