Its All About The Find

To follow up on my last post talking about fair trade and sustainable shopping , I want to share my story on this mindset and give some tips as well!


The phrase “It's all about the find” has become one of my mottos in life. My mindset with shopping use to be  “I have a place to go, I need new shoes, a dress, and a jacket”. I would head to the closest Forever 21, Zara, or do overnight shipping online. I admittedly became obsessed with buying new and buying often. I truly felt that in order for me to feel my best, I needed to have the latest trend or look as  polished as possible. However, after some time, something in me shifted.  I started noticing the overwhelming amount of wardrobe choices actually caused a creative blockage because I just had a lot of clothes lacking their own story, as opposed to timeless staples. I began purging pieces  and in that process, I discovered online resale websites where I could make money for my finds.

_DSC2674 (1).jpg

Then I started a habit- I would only buy something new if I sold something old. That propelled me into a completely new way of shopping


I began to discover  the incredible finds at local second hand stores and  vintage stores. I became more aware that  instead of buying in the moment I could wait and  buy when I found something truly timeless and special. I became more patient and intentional about taking time to find the right thing.


THEN my world was rocked, I watched the documentary True Cost and realized the devastation that the fashion industry has had on our world. I felt 2 things when the movie ended: 1. Ashamed for being in the fashion industry and supporting fast fashion. 2. While I know that fashion is a part of my soul, I knew I had to take steps so that I was not part of the problem.

Below are some ways you can incorporate this lifestyle easily into your life!

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  1. Shop second hand- most of these stores only take slightly worn pieces that are either fast fashion or designers (pro tip: do not feel bad if you find a fast fashion piece at a second hand store and want it! It’s way better than it ending up in a landfill or trash island somewhere.)

  2. Shop vintage- vintage means something that is at least 20 years older than the current decade. To find an amazing vintage piece you want to look at the label, its really easy to tell when a label looks aged or out-dated. You also want to look at where it is made. A lot of great vintage is USA made (like denim, which is my favorite vintage staple) and that is always really exciting.

  3. Supporting your friends’ small businesses- I have a lot of friends who are making everything on their own buying local and selling. Either suggest a trade to get the pieces or purchase them! These hand dyed silk tops are from my friend Allison who hand dyes natural fabrics like silk and cotton with flowers and plants HOW MAGICAL IS THAT?!



Black trousers, belt & camel jacket-Vintage

Green PantsReformation 

Brown Hat-Second Hand (no label) 

Boots-Restored second hand Sam Edelman

Hand dyed silk topsAllison Lei

Photos byCasey Fyfe