Tailoring Pants: Creating The Perfect Fit For A Sustainable Wardrobe

Pants, I love pants! But for as long as I can remember, they have always been a challenge for me. I have always been petite, and while I’m not complaining, pants typically are too big or simply don’t fit right. I remember my mom using safety pins to hold my pants up because even extra small was too big. Nowadays, I am definitely not an extra small but still have challenges finding the right fit since most of my clothes are secondhand or vintage. I don't pay too much in store, so I use what I could have spent on a brand new pair to get them tailored! I first discovered this when I found my dream pair of vintage 501 Levis in the most perfect light wash, at one of my favorite new and found store in Echo Park Passenger. They fit the best out of others I had tried on, but still was faced with the same issue. Once I got them tailored they became my go-to pair because they fit my frame like a glove.  There is something super special about customizing the fit of the clothes you wear, not only are supporting the small tailor shops who's trade is few and far between, but you also feel more put together and have a new connection the pieces you put on. 


Photos by Casey Fyfe

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